Seaport-e Quality Assurance

Consolidated Networks Corporation (CNC) is a global professional information technology, communications and logistics management support services company. The top management of CNC is aware of the need to implement a quality management system based on the security certification to the ISO 9001 quality standard. CNC is dedicated to continually refining our processes in order for us to effectively compete with our industry peers and deliver the highest possible quality for our customers. CNC has implemented a quality management system that is compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard. It applies to all products, services provided by CNC. Management is committed to and guided by the management principles on which ISO 9001:2008 is based; Customer Focus, Leadership; Involvement of People, Process Approach, System Approach to Management, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach to Decision Making, & Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships.

The Office of the Chief Executive has established the Office of Quality Assurance, headed by a CNC Managing Partner, who also holds the title of Director of Quality Assurance. The Director of Quality Assurance acts as the Management Representative of CNC and reports directly to the President. The President has also appointed a Quality Assurance Council of the Senior Officers of the company to oversee the quality processes and procedures of the company, and ensure that they are in conformity with the International Standard. Supporting the Quality Assurance Council, the Director of Quality Assurance ensures that all employees are aware of their essential roles and responsibilities to implement the policies and procedures contained in this Quality Manual and adhere to the International Standard.

An Overview of the Quality Management Principles CNC is guided by:

Customer Focus. The management of CNC recognizes that its business depends on the trust of its customers in its continuing commitment to understand their needs, to meet their requirements, and to strive and have a ways and means to exceed their expectations.

Leadership. The management of CNC recognizes that all employees in the organization need to be committed to a unified purpose and direction in an environment where they are recognized and encouraged to participate actively in achieving the company’s goals.

Involvement of People. The management of CNC is fully aware that CNC’ most valuable resources are its people. In order for CNC to continue to meet and exceed its growth objectives, all employees have to understand the role they play in delivering quality and will have to continue to be involved and to mature their capabilities so that we can remain a highly reliable, efficient, adaptable and capable organization.

Process Approach. The management of CNC is committed to achieving consistent quality and efficiency by managing activities as repeatable processes that are susceptible to continuous improvement.

System Approach to Management. The management of CNC understands the interdependence among processes in the organization, and is committed to managing these interrelated processes transparently as a system in order to achieve greater efficiency.

Continual Improvement. The management of CNC is committed to the objective to achieve continual improvement of its overall performance.

Factual Approach to Decision Making. The management of CNC recognizes the benefits of basing its decisions on the objective analysis of hard data, and is committed to continually gathering quantifiable information related to its objectives and performance.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships. The management of CNC is fully aware of our dependence on our suppliers for the products and services we subcontract for our customers, and of the ever-present need to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with those vendors.