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A Small Form Factor Command And Control Platform


Model-3 is a secured turnkey network, designed to support command and control (C2) environments, giving a command center the ability to exercise authority and direction over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of a mission.

CTC Standard Configuration

CTC’s Model-3 is designed to operate up to two (2) separate networks for secured (High Side) and non-secured (Low Side) communications.

  • Up to two (2) separate Routers to provide highly secured encrypted and standard IP communications
  • Includes space for a TACLANE encryption device for command and control communications
  • Up to two (2) Switches with sixteen (16) Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) secured ports
  • Powered using a standard 110V 20 Amp circuit
  • Supports 12/24/48 volt DC Power to meet any power requirement
  • Comes with a surge protection system for use in environments with unreliable Power
  • Model-3 is built for rugged use and for operation in rough terrain to maintain communications with a command center.
  • Self-contained environmentally controlled air-condition system to meet harsh weather to withstand 140 degree desert heat, rain, and freezing cold.
  • Dehumidifier System to address areas of high humidity and rainy environments.
  • SolarWinds monitors system health and operational status.

Uplink Communications

  • Wireless cellular modem – 3G/4G LTE Advanced antenna system with 14 mile propagation to communicate with remote cell towers.
  • QFoca Fiber 4 Channel designed to meet MIL-PRF-83526/16 & /17 Military Specifications.

Communication Options

Model-3 is scalable, meaning it can expand to support the following communication devices:

  • Streaming Video using Vitec Military Grade HEVC & H.264 HD/SD Quad channel Encoder.
  • Support PTP700 Cambium Radio with a TD90 pan and tilt with Mechanical and Electrical Interfaces.
  • Fiber uplinks to support TFoca, QFoca, DFoca, or GFoca tactical connectors.


Consolidated Networks Corporation communication systems come with a 90-Day Product and Service Warranty.

Post Warranty Support is available and includes:

  • Software/firmware upgrades.
  • Unlimited, no-hassle repair service.
  • Loaner units available from Consolidated Networks during repair and scheduled maintenance.
  • Technical Services to refresh OEM end-of-life devices.
  • Calibration on all standard and optional devices.
  • 24×7 priority Technical phone support.